Monday, June 25, 2012

Motorcycle Ride

Dan took me on my first motorcycle ride
& I loved it!
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it...
it was so cool to ride out in the open air.
You see a lot more than you see riding in a car.
It made me really want to get a scooter! 

We rode up in the Uinta mountains,
it was a beautiful day and I loved the scenery 

 Such a cool waterfall 
it looks man-made but it isn't 

We walked around Mirror Lake

It was a good Saturday!


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  2. From the looks of it, your first motorcycle trip was a ton of fun. I was a bit scared on my first ride, but it became enjoyable once I got the hang of it. And it is true that the experience riding a bike cannot be compared with riding in a car. Maybe you should get yourself a motorcycle rather than a scooter. There are actually bikes designed specifically to cater to women.

    @Clare Westby

  3. I have to agree with you that it’s more exciting to ride on a motorcycle! My first was almost a disaster because my friend made me drive when I clearly told him that I didn’t know how to. We fell 3 times and got some bruises, but all in all, it was a memory made to last!

    -Max Piedra