Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moab Adventure

I traveled to Moab to see my friends Princess and Peter. 
 A little back story first:
Peter is from England, he specializes in IT work in developing countries 
and has lived in Guyana on and off for a few years. 
He worked in Iraq and sadly was held hostage for 2 years. 
His story is amazing.
For years he has been planning a road trip, 
visiting every state in the U.S. via motorcycle.
Princess expressed interest in his travel plans 
and so they set off on their amazing adventure 2 months ago starting in Kentucky.
When she told me she was going to be in Moab last week 
there was no doubt I'd be there to meet them.
They rented a cabin at the KOA and it was really nice. 
They also rented a jeep to go off roading in. 
Long story short we got the jeep stuck in the sand because we went down the wrong road.
Luckily, the road wasn't far from the highway so we walked out on the road and flagged down a park maintenance worker.
 He was more than willing to help us out and drove his truck down the road...
he got stuck.
He called his boss, who came to get him unstuck.
But our jeep was further down the road so they told us we'd have to call a tow truck.
The maintenance guy was super helpful and drove us to the gas station where we called a tow truck then he drove us back to the spot where the jeep was stuck and waited with us. 
The tow truck arrived and Peter was pretty sure this was going to cost him a pretty penny.
The tow truck also ended up getting stuck but he was able to get the jeep unstuck. 
Then he used the jeep to try and get his truck unstuck...
that didn't work and his truck ended up dying. 
He was embarrassed and left his truck.
Then he offered to drive us down the right off road (Long Canyon)
we said sure!
We were stuck in the sand for 6 hours and it was quite the adventure. 
The tow truck guy was able to use my AAA card and he didn't charge us a thing.
We were so grateful and surprised with how this ordeal turned out.
Everyone was so nice and helpful
and we were left with quite the story to tell. 
Princess's goal was to see the Delicate Arch so the next morning we woke up early and hiked to the arch. It was a little overcast and not too hot. I loved seeing the arch again. 
But most of all I loved seeing Princess and Peter!
I wish them the best of luck on the rest of the road trip and I hope I get to see them again.
Digging out the maintenance truck

We are stuck!

Princess & Me

Princess & Peter

Love the arch! 

The crazy but amazing road tripers!