Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our Week in Kauai

I am so grateful I got to celebrate my 29th year in such a beautiful place as Kauai and I'm happy my mom and Dan were able to spend the week with us as well. 
If you have not been to Hawaii before I would highly recommend booking a vacation to the island of Kauai. 
It's pretty incredible. Full of lush green mountains, tons of waterfalls, crystal clear ocean, uncrowded beaches, and home of the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and the Na Pali Coast. 
A week was not enough time to explore the island. We could have easily spent the whole week hiking Waimea Canyon. But our week was filled with other fun things like zip lining, water tubing down old irrigation canals, boating along the Na Pali Coast and seeing caves, driving all over the island, eating yummy handmade Hawaiian ice cream, relaxing on beaches, hiking, going on bike rides,  snorkeling, playing in water falls, and chasing rooster with our GoPro.

Our week went by too fast!

Hiking to a waterfall in Waimea Canyon.

One of Zach's favorite things is playing in waterfalls but Dan was the first one in at this fall.

The red ridge line to the left of the waterfall is the ridge we were hiking in the first photo of this post and the water fall Dan and Zach swam in leads into this big waterfall.

Waimea Canyon is beautiful.

The Na Pali Coast line. 
You can only get to this northern part of the island by boat or hiking.

I was in complete awe of this coast line. This was definitely one of our high lights for the week. 
We road bikes one morning to watch the sun rise and took some photos of my mom doing yoga.

Happy I got to celebrate my birthday with my mom!

On our way to tubing. Watch our video to see how much fun we had!
The peak to the right of Dan is Mt. Wai'ale'ale one of the rainiest places on earth. 
The waterfall from that mountain flows into the irrigation canals, which is what we road down in big inner tubes and that water was COLD and even colder in the dark tunnels!

For all those tourists. 

Wailua Falls.

Hanalei was my favorite town. It's so green and pretty. 

We spent a couple hours at the Ke'e beach which is where hikers begin their Na Pali Coast hike.
The Na Pali Coast from the opposite direction from our boat ride. 

Dan zippin'!
Zip lining was a lot of fun as well. 

He knew I was trying to get him! 

Check out our GoPro video for more of our week in Kauai.