Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Festivities

Just wanted to share our December happenings so far.
Our stockings are hung and presents continue to pile under the tree.
And we have enjoyed a couple Christmas festivities around the island.
We walked around the Honolulu City Lights last Sunday night. We had heard a lot about it and wanted to go last year but couldn't make it because we just had our scooter then. So we were happy we got to experience it this year. Basically, it's about a block decorated with large displays, Christmas trees, and Christmas lights.
I heard an advertisement on the radio the other day for a Christmas light canoe ride at the Polynesian Culture Center so seeing as we love Christmas lights, it was a no brainer!
Zach and I enjoyed date night up at the North Shore.
The lights didn't start until 6:45 so we stopped by a beach to watch the big waves and as we were walking Zach spotted a big sea turtle resting on the shore.
It was so cool!!
Then we stopped briefly near Sunset Beach to watch an incredible sunset.
Once we got to the PCC we were surprised to see the parking lot full.
We waited in line for about an hour before we got on the canoe ride but it was well worth the wait.
The PCC did a good job at displaying Christmas Around the World and telling the story of Christmas traditions. It reminded us a little of  It's a Small World.
At the end of the canoe ride they had fake snow falling, which was neat.  
We love Christmas time!
This year we added a stocking for Sam
Photos from Honolulu City Lights:

Up at the North Shore:

The pictures don't do justice but the waves were pretty big

We just loved seeing this sea turtle!

Truly amazing
 We wish we could live on the North Shore

Our pictures didn't come out that well from the canoe ride
but this one is very fitting for the season. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It's 8:06 on Sunday morning. Zach is still sleeping and I'm sitting on the couch staring out the window at the gray sky hanging over the big buildings of Honolulu. Christmas is 9 days away.
I must admit I've stated a few times, "It doesn't feel like Christmas". And I've said this because it's 80 degrees outside and I am missing being with my family.  Zach reminded me the other day how much I hate being cold. Which is true, I don't do well in the cold.

He also reminded me that Christmas is what you make of it and it's about the ones you are with during this magical time of year. And he is absolutely right. I sure love that guy! And I am so thankful I get to spend every day with him. He constantly makes me laugh. I loved seeing him walk to our car with a 8 foot Christmas tree draped over his shoulder.  I love that he keeps Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" song on repeat. And I love his White Elephant gifts. This year at my work's Christmas brunch his gift was a signed autographed picture of himself. Another classic.

In the remaining days until Christmas there are still some things we want to do:
Do something kind for those in need
See the Honolulu City Lights
Bake Christmas cookies
Watch Elf, A Christmas Story, and Home Alone

Although it's not snowing and we aren't wearing boots and sweaters I do love this time of year. I love that it brings people together. I love spreading Christmas cheer. I love listening to Christmas music all hours of the day. And I love curling up on the couch with Zach, staring at our lovely Christmas tree. It truly is a magical time of year!

At Christmas brunch

Love our tree!
P.S. Santa, I really wish I could ask for a puppy this year...maybe next year.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

By now I hope everyone has received their Christmas card
because I've been eager to share our Christmas card photo shoot.
The idea came to us last year...
how funny would it be to wear ugly Christmas sweaters and pose together on the beach?
We found the idea hilarious!
Luckily my mom found us some Christmas sweaters at the DI in Utah
and while she and Dan were here visiting they took our photos up at the North Shore for our 2013 Christmas card.
 Needless to say it was a warm and sunny day
and we didn't want to stay in the sweaters for too long.

 If only our eyes were open
We love our pictures for our first photo shoot together.
And  yes, we are definitely hanging onto these fabulous sweaters for
the next time we experience a white Christmas.
Wishing everyone a warm holiday season!!!