Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zach's Hair

For as long as I have known Zach he has always gone back and forth between growing out his hair, beard, or mustache. He'd start to grow his hair out to see how long he could get it but would always end up cutting it before it would start to lay down. 
For the past 21 months he grew his hair out...
His stages were the curly top poofball. The almost long enough to pull it into a ponytail. And the shoulder length sufer look, which I really liked when he wore a hat! 
When we started planning our wedding the hair topic came up and we came to an agreement, either long hair and clean shaving or short hair and a beard. The choice was Zach's and he choose the beard. 
He wanted to make sure his hair was long enough to donate, which it was well over 10 inches long. So on Valentines night we went to the barber shop and he said goodbye to his long curly locks. 

Every time he grew his hair out I told him I wanted to straighten it. Well, I finally got the chance to! 

This is the Zach remember when we first started dating. 

So now he is working on growing out his beard...let's hope it looks good for the wedding! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yoga and Wedding

We have been busy...Zach has been busy with school, work, and the gym. I've been busy with work and yoga. And we've both been busy with wedding planning {there's so much to plan and think about!}

I completed the first 2 (out of 5) modules in the yoga teacher training and I definitely learned a lot in a month's time. I felt like a sponge trying to absorb all that I could and I let myself be okay with not fully understanding everything, I know it will all come in time.  It wasn't just doing yoga poses 5 days a week for a month. It was learning the correct alignment of poses, along with observing our bodies in postures, and recognizing and feeling the ever slightest adjustments of our muscles, heads, joints, ribs, and breath. We started learning about the history and philosophy of yoga; which the philosophy of yoga is something all of its own and quite a deep topic. We also started learning about meditation and the language of Sanskrit. Meditation is hard. It's really difficult to sit still with your eyes closed and just let your thoughts pass. It is something I need to work on and make time for.

Girls at work have been asking me when I was going to start teaching them, so the other day after work 4 of us stayed and I taught my first ever yoga class. It was fun! And the girls seemed to really enjoy it. They want to make this a weekly occurrence, which I think would be a great help for me to become comfortable with teaching.

I start module 3 on Wednesday and I'm super excited for it. The next 3 modules (February, March, and April)  include training for 5 days straight for 7 hours each day and we will be focusing more on sequencing a class. I'm hoping more things will start to click and I'll understand how to better prepare and design a class.

In wedding planning news...
I bought my dress!  A few of my co-workers went with me 3 separate times to try on dresses (they are the best) and I'm so grateful I had them there to help me out.

These ladies are the best! 

If you don't know yet, I am the most indecisive person. It is difficult for me to make decisions.  And I am not one of those girls who has pictured my wedding dress since I was 10 years old. I just wanted something flattering and not too expensive and that's what I got. When I was wearing the dress the other night in he bridal shop all I kept thinking was, "I can't wait to marry Zach". I had that moment where nothing else matters except I am marrying the love of my life!

We have the food caterer booked. We are both really excited for the food option we have chosen.

We went the other day to look at wedding rings and I have picked mine out. Now Zach just has to choose one.

On Monday we are going to take our engagement photos so hopefully we'll have invitations sent out soon.

Things are falling into place!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Save the Date!

We have officially locked down the venue and wedding date!!!
August 14, 2014 at Elings Park in Santa Barbara
We are so excited and it feels good to have it settled so we can concentrate on all the details. 
Since we are Hawaii and have decided to have the wedding in California Zach's parents kindly went to check out the venue for us. 
We think it's the perfect fit for how we invasion our wedding. 

The ceremony and reception will both be held at the park.
The park offers for the ceremony to take place in the amphitheater or on the grass.
We haven't decided yet which one we will use. 
The amphitheater seems neat but I don't like the idea of us standing in the dirt and there is not a true aisle to walk down.
We are still deciding on the amphitheater or the grass.

We love the large deck area for the reception.It will be great to have everyone gather for dinner and dancing. 

I am so excited to really start planning!!!