Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hawaii Lately

We have been busy.
 Last week was Zach's spring break and we were able to enjoy the sunshine and adventures together {grateful for those moments}!
We've really been enjoying hiking thanks to our GoPro. 

A couple Sundays ago we hiked "crouching lion" and it turned out to be one of my favorite hikes. The view at the top is spectacular. The hike is along the northern side of the island in Kaaawa. I love that it's a short hike but steep so it got our heart rates up quickly. We were lucky when we got to the top because no one else was up there so we got to mess around with the GoPro and take some fun pictures. I could have sat up there for hours.

Looking out into the ocean 

Looking back towards the valley

Love the colors of the ocean

It was super windy at the top so I was a little nervous to extend my leg further then this.

Stunning view

Practicing taking pictures with the GoPro!

Over Zach's spring break we hiked, swam at Waimea Bay, went kayaking, went to a wine tasting, and explored more of the island. 

From this point up at the North Shore we saw skydivers landing
{I think we are going to skydive soon}

We did an early morning hike to watch the sun rise in Lanikai

We are so happy we got a GoPro and are now capturing our adventures.
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