Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Adventures Lately

WOW, I have not blogged at all in 2016 and it's almost June!!! We have had a busy but very fun 5 months! Zach's parents came out to spend New Years with us. We got to see some big, 40+ feet tall waves. Zach's sister Emily came out for a visit. We went to the Big Island with my mom and Dan. We got to hangout with my uncle Greg and aunt Tori during their Hawaiian vacation. I flew to Arizona for my cousin's wedding and enjoyed spending time with my Sosebee family. Last week we flew to the island of Molokai to celebrate my 30th birthday. And that's just what happened in the first half of the year...we have much more planned for our remaining 6 months in Hawaii.

 David & Mary enjoying the North Shore

 Big waves off Waimea Bay

 Aloha Emily!

 Mom and Dan enjoying the black sand beach 

 Waipio Valley was one of our favorite spots on the Big Island

Getting attacked by dinosaurs 

I love being with my beautiful sissy

Molokai is a unique island. There's not one stop light on the island, the "downtown" consists of 2 whole blocks, there are no chain stores or fast-food restaurants, and everywhere we went there were hardly any people. Our favorite spot on the island was Halawa Valley, similar to Waipio Valley on the Big Island, it's full of beauty. From Molokai you can see the islands Maui and Lanai very clearly, which adds a different feeling. 

 In awe of the trees 

 Old sugarcane mill

  Halwa Valley