Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hawaii Lately

We have been busy.
 Last week was Zach's spring break and we were able to enjoy the sunshine and adventures together {grateful for those moments}!
We've really been enjoying hiking thanks to our GoPro. 

A couple Sundays ago we hiked "crouching lion" and it turned out to be one of my favorite hikes. The view at the top is spectacular. The hike is along the northern side of the island in Kaaawa. I love that it's a short hike but steep so it got our heart rates up quickly. We were lucky when we got to the top because no one else was up there so we got to mess around with the GoPro and take some fun pictures. I could have sat up there for hours.

Looking out into the ocean 

Looking back towards the valley

Love the colors of the ocean

It was super windy at the top so I was a little nervous to extend my leg further then this.

Stunning view

Practicing taking pictures with the GoPro!

Over Zach's spring break we hiked, swam at Waimea Bay, went kayaking, went to a wine tasting, and explored more of the island. 

From this point up at the North Shore we saw skydivers landing
{I think we are going to skydive soon}

We did an early morning hike to watch the sun rise in Lanikai

We are so happy we got a GoPro and are now capturing our adventures.
Check out our latest videos! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Incubus Live

Incubus is one of our favorite bands. 
We first saw them together in 2004 and then again in 2007 & 2009 {Zach also saw them in 2002}. 
We saw them play at The Forum, The Irvine Amphitheater, and Usana Amphitheater, all pretty big arenas. 
So when we heard on the radio that they were playing at The Republik in Honolulu we were stoked!
It's been on my life goals list to see Incubus live in a small venue and on Monday night that goal became reality. And to make that reality even better we were front row, right up against the barricade. 

 We held our spot in the front row for 2 hours before Incubus took the stage. 

It was awesome being so close to these guys!

We ended the night with sore throats and ringing ears but it was definitely one of our best nights out! 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our President's Day Weekend

I just have to say I love 3 day weekends and I think there should be more of them. 

That being said, Saturdays are quickly becoming my least favorite day of the week because it's another day I don't get to spend time with Zach. 
He has started shadowing at a PT clinic (yay!) on Saturday mornings from 8-12. This is a great experience for him and I'm super happy he was able to find a clinic so fast. 
For him to get into grad school he has to have somewhere between 20 to 100+ hours of PT observation experience. 
Each school requires different hours and experience from at least 2 different PT settings. 
 Once he is finished at the PT clinic he comes home to eat and change his clothes then he's out the door again to go to work and I don't see him again until 11:00 at night. 
He is a busy guy and I am so thankful for our Sundays off together. 

This past Sunday we bought a GoPro!
We have been wanting one for a while now and with our tax return we finally got one. 
We charged the batteries and then went for an evening drive to test it out. 
We had no idea how to use it but we just went for it. Unfortunately, when we got home we realized I had the setting on time lapse the whole drive so the footage was useless but we enjoyed our drive. 

We decided to try another GoPro adventure on Monday since we both had the day off. 
We woke up at 5:30 in the morning and drove to Makapu'u lighthouse. We wanted to capture the sun rising and try out time lapse the correct way. We walked quickly up the mountain and got our camera in position. 
Even though it was a little hazy out it was neat watching the sun rise and the clouds change color. 
We were back home by 8:30 and excited we still had the whole day ahead of us. 
When we downloaded the sunrise footage somehow we deleted it so we don't know if we got any cool footage. I guess we'll have to try a sunrise time lapse again. 
We spent the rest of our morning playing around with the GoPro, we even made our first movie! 
But we have been a little surprised by how complicated it's been figuring out how manage downloading the footage. It seems it should be simpler but I'm sure we'll figure it out over time. 

We spent the rest of our day at Waimanalo Beach with my old co-worker Amalis and her family. 
It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun playing in the water and filming. 

Sunday evening drive up Tantalus

Loved seeing the different colors in the sky and the sliver of moon

Adventures with him are the best!

Cotton candy looking clouds 

We love a good beach day with fun people! 

If you want to see our very first attempts at making GoPro movies click on the links below. 
Our skills are a work in progress so please don't judge!
And please don't mind how messy our house is! Kinda embarrassing!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


We did an amazing hike on Sunday. My friend from work, Gen loves to hike and she goes on all theses awesome hikes. Her and her boyfriend Gary went with us to Olomana. Olomana is 3 peaks in the middle of a valley outside of Kailua. You can see all the way from Makapu'u to Chinaman's Hat.
We only hiked the first peak and that's all we needed to do because the view is pretty much the same from the other two peaks and the first peak had plenty of rock climbing for us amateur hikers. We really enjoyed the hike, sore legs and all!

I love hiking with this handsome guy! 

Gen & Gary!

There were quite a few spots where we had to do some rock climbing, one spot was especially pure rock climbing and it was fun.  

Zach ran into some work buddies

Almost to the top...

At the top, such amazing view!

Looking down on Kailua town

The 2nd and 3rd peaks

Making our way back down the mountain

We were pretty drained afterwards. 

Hawaii Happenings

* I forgot to post this post in January. Posting it now so I can post about our Olomana hike.

It is one of our goals to see more of Hawaii this year and we have already planned a trip to Kauai in May, which we are really excited for.

The morning before we flew to Utah we got up at 5:30 and drove to the North Shore to watch the big wave surf competition. It has been on our list of things to do since we moved to Hawaii. It was a lot of fun to be a part of the crowd and watch the brave surfers conquer massive waves.

We were there before large amounts of people cover the beach so we got to watch them set up. 
We sat on the beach for about 4 hours just watching the waves and the surfers. There was one set of waves that were too big (about 2 stories high) for the surfers to attempt to ride. The crashing sound of those huge waves are incredible. 

In front of the Volcum house.

 Early in the morning before crowds of people took over the beach. 

The Brazilian, ranked #1 in the world ended up winning the competition. 

We want to go to more surfing competitions. 

On New Year's day we decided to take a little drive along the eastern side of the island. Driving along that part of coastline is one of my all time favorite drives. It was a beautiful day and a great way to welcome 2015. 

We stopped at Chinaman's hat. 

 And this secluded beach. 

 And Laie point. 

For our Sunday hike this past week we wanted to hike to the Pali puka. Zach read that the hike was short but steep and steep it was. We did not make it to the puka because it was pure cliff and we got a little nervous. 
On our way down the mountain  Zach said he also read that there was a waterfall under the Pali highway so since we were already there and we did not complete our hike we decided to hike to the waterfall. We walked along the old Pali highway and under the current Pali highway to a little waterfall. But we enjoyed the walk and it was neat being the only ones on the trail until we hiked back. 

The ridge to the Pali puka

Another amazing view.

Hiking to the water fall. 

On the old Pali highway. 

Under the highway. 

We appreciated the signs that lead us to the falls. 

What a dinky waterfall.