Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Sweet & Fun Bridal Shower

Last Sunday I was deeply touched by a lovely and fun bridal shower that my boss, Dr. Rupa and friend, Joanna threw for me. It was just so sweet and nice of everyone to make the shower so special.
We had brunch at the Outrigger Canoe Club, played games, and laughed a lot.
Joanna surprised me with a video of asking Zach a bunch of questions about us. I had to answer to see if our responses were the same but if my answer was not the same as Zach's I had to chew a gum ball.  It was so sweet and funny.  Then she made me a video of the whole bridal shower, along with both mine and Zach's responses. It is such a nice keepsake and I'm excited to play it for our friends and family in California.

I loved the decorations Dr. Rupa did! 

Our amazing view for the afternoon

What a great bunch of ladies! 

A little game of He said She said 

We also played pin the mustache on Zach

Love these girls!

A big thank you to Dr. Rupa and Jo for throwing a wonderful bridal shower!
I felt like the luckiest bride to be! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Story Of Us

Zach and I went to the same high school and even had mutual friends but us knowing who each other were goes further back. Zach's dad was my sister's soccer coach for a couple years and I would see Zach and his brothers at her practices and his mom was my elementary school nurse. But we never spoke to each other until my senior year of high school. My friends and I ended up at In N Out after the Homecoming football game and it just so happened Zach and one of his friends (who I had a huge crush on) were also at In N Out. Surprisingly, Zach and his friend invited us to sit and eat with them. As I was sitting across the table from Zach we spoke for the first time. I couldn't help but think, "I wonder what it's like to be Zach's girlfriend?".  I was surprised again when Zach asked us girls what our plans were for the rest of the night and if he could tag along. I was driving that night so he hopped in my car along with my friends. We just drove around for a little while and then dropped him back off at his car in the In N Out parking lot. The next time I saw Zach was a few months later at a New Years Eve party. When I walked into his friend's house he came up and gave me a hug and asked, "you work at that flower shop, right?".
That night we shared our first kiss.

Fast forward 10 years and here we are just weeks away from getting married!

Sometimes it's hard to believe the road has led us here, together. We both moved away to different colleges, I joined the Peace Corps, and there was a lot of on and off, back and forth that happened between us over the years. But that out of the blue phone call from Zach asking me if I would move to Hawaii with him was the best thing that could have happened for us.

As I look back on our relationship it is also hard to believe how young we were when we first fell in love, both still teenagers with a lot of growing up to do. Now, I see that of course we had to go through hell...we both had to live our lives and experience life, we just never wanted to fully lose each other, which caused a lot of heartache. But to be honest, I wouldn't trade any of it, those hardships only strengthened our relationship. The thing I love most about us being so young when we started dating is that we got to grow together. Yes, we grew individually but we also grew up together and I believe that is why we get along so well and why we have so much fun together.
I love Zach for the boy he was and I love him now for the man he has become.

Zach has been my best friend for years and I can't imagine life without him.
He is the love of my life.
And I am so excited to be his wife.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Pali Hike

In July Zach is joining his dad and brothers on a 4 day hike up Mt Whitney.
In preparation of the hike he decided he would walk 16 miles to Kailua up the Pali Highway.
At last minute I decided to tag-along and it's a great thing I did...he definitely would have been bored without my company and my singing!

We left our house at 5:43 in the morning, with bagels in hand.
We walked through town and around 7:45 we reached the start of the Pali Highway.
It was a little sketchy walking along the Pali as it is not really meant to be walked but there was enough room along the shoulder for us to squeeze by. 
The creepiest part was walking through 2 tunnels. 
We just stayed as close to the wall as possible. 
We anticipated rain so we were prepared when we reached the rainy part. 
Once we passed the tunnels and made our decent into Kailua we were both pretty much over walking but we had about 6 more miles to go. 
So we marched on with sore feet. 

Once in Kailua we stopped for coconut water and acai bowls 
and then walked our last mile to the beach. 
The water felt amazing on our tired bodies. 

I think it was a little ambitious of us to walk 16 miles in one day
but we're really glad we did it!

It was neat walking through town, we saw a lot of things we had never seen before like this cemetery. 

We were thankful for some grassy parts along the highway. 

Rain and the tunnels. 

On the other side of the tunnels we stopped for water and cookies. 


Our tasty treat!

The beach! Our destination.

Our walking trail, each dot is a mile. 

I think the guys will do well on their Mt Whitney trip. 
Zach wasn't that sore from walking 16 miles. 
My self on the other hand, my left foot is still super sore. 


Friday, May 23, 2014

Thanks Mom and Dad

It is no surprise. I cannot wait to be a mommy. When I was younger I always thought I would start having kids around the age of 25. Well, 25 came and went. And now that we are getting married we get the "when are you going to start having babies?" question all the time. We know we'll have our little family when the time is right.

On Monday as I welcomed my 28th birthday I couldn't help but think about how 28 years ago my parents became parents. I can only imagine how they felt bringing me into the world and how that first year must have been for them as new parents.

This past year seems like everyone around me was having babies and it has been the year where I have been surrounded by babies. In February I started nannying for my boss's 4 month old. I watch her at the office 3 days a week. I really enjoy watching her and I've learned a lot about babies. It has been fun watching her grow and develop. But the best part is how it's given me a glimpse into what it's like to have a little baby to care for and look after. It's not always easy, it takes a lot of patience (especially teething babies) but when they look at you and smile it is heart melting.
I now have a much deeper appreciation for my parents and all parents and I can only imagine that appreciation growing when I have my own babies.

I love you mom and dad!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Koko Head

We finally hiked Koko Head.
1050 steps pretty much straight up a side of the mountain.
When we lived in Hawaii Kai we were really close to Koko Head 
and we would see people hiking up and say, "we should do that".
Half way up the incline increases to about 80%.
And the steps are unevenly spaced which made coming down a bit difficult. 
The view was amazing and once we were at the top we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. 

Crossing the bridge which was a little creepy

Loved the view

Zach wasn't really feeling it

1000 steps 50 more to go

Panoramic view 

We made it!

Looking down from the top

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


First off...
Today marks 100 days until we say, "I Do!" I cannot wait!!!

Over the weekend we went to Maui, thanks to Zach's parents. 
His brother Jonathan, sister-in-law, Polin, and nephew, Noah were there visiting with Polin's family 
and we got to meet up with them and meet baby Noah. 

We were really surprised by how big, spread out, and country the island of Maui is.
It has a totally different feel than Oahu and we really liked it. 
We wanted to see the seven sacred pools so we drove towards Hana, little did we know how remote that side of the island is. We had no cell phone reception so we were unable to use the GPS, there were no signs to let us know where we were, and the road was so narrow. I know I annoyed Zach by yelling, "Babe" around every turn. But it was crazy not being able to see if a car was coming right towards us. There were parts with signs warning to honk around turns. 
But it was a beautiful drive with very diverse climates. 
Parts of the drive looked like how I envision Ireland. 
Along the drive we found a little black sandy beach. 
And we found a beautiful waterfall, which we stopped and walked up to. 
Since we had been driving for quite some time and we didn't know how much farther the pools were we decided to turn around and check out the lavender farm. 

It was so nice to spend time with Jonathan and family.
We loved meeting and holding baby Noah. 
We also loved spending time by the pool and going down the water slide.
The resorts on Maui are nothing like Waikiki, we were blown away by how uncrowded the resort was. 

We're thankful for the opportunity to explore another Hawaiian island. 
Zach and I really enjoyed spending time together too! 

We have been talking about how much we want to see a black sandy beach 
so we were excited to find this one. 

This waterfall was just along the side of the road.

The lavender farm was neat, we really enjoyed looking at all the plants and flowers and smelling the fresh lavender. 
We shared a lavender scone that was delicious. 

Noah didn't know what to think of Zach's beard, he kept pulling on it, which was really funny. 

 He has the cutest smile! 

We even got to see some penguins. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Need of Change

Lately I have been feeling blah.
This blahness is not a depressed feeling.
It's not an unhappy with life feeling.
It's a feeling that I need change in my life.
There are certain aspects in my life that I want and need to change.
I feel like there is this heavy weight on me.
This weight that is forcing me to realize I have to do what makes me happy.
I have to do what I enjoy.
Lately I have had very little time to really stop and enjoy life.
I am so caught up in the daily grind.
And it is draining.
If there is one thing I've learned recently it's that life is way too short.
It's too short to spend 10 hours a day in a office.
It's too short to not spend time at the beach.
It's too short to not spend more time with my love.
It's too short to not see family and close friends.
It's too short to not love what you do everyday.

I know I have the power to change what is not serving me.
I just have to dig deep and find the will, courage, and strength to go get what I want.