Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hello October

The other day I experienced my first bit of "island fever".  I was missing my friends and family and I was feeling overwhelmed with the congestion of people and cars that surround this island. I was also longing for a change in weather, hoping for a little cooler temperature seeing as it was the beginning of the fall season. All of these emotions were similar to those I often experienced in Guyana. I was missing home.
I'm really missing the change in seasons, especially at the start of the holiday season. This is my 4th fall/holiday season living in a tropical climate and it doesn't really feel like Halloween is just around the corner because the leaves on the tress are not changing color and I don't have to start wearing sweaters. Although, we have noticed a slight change in temperature in the mornings and at night. Don't get me wrong, I love living in Hawaii. I do love the weather and I love the fact that we can go to the beach any day of the year.

In other news, Zach and I are saying goodbye to our studio apartment and moving into a different place. We talked a little about trying to find a cheaper place but never made any serious effort. Then this opportunity to move in with one of my co-workers landed in our laps. We will be sharing a two bedroom house with my co-worker, Sam. Of course there are pros and cons but the biggest pro is we'll be saving a few hundred dollars a month in rent alone. And that we like very much! The house is a good size with a great view of down town Honolulu, it has an amazing lanai where we can hang our hammock, it has a washer and dryer (no more paying $3 a load to do our wash), it has solar panels, gas, and electric so our electric bill will be more consistent. It is 4 miles away from my work and Zach will now commute via the Pali (the freeway that cuts through the mountain) so he'll be using the explorer and his commute will also be shortened by 4 miles.
It will be different for us to have a roommate and we'll be living in a more congested area, but we are looking at it as something new to explore. We have truly enjoyed our first studio apartment together. We love the location, the space, and the quiet neighborhood. But being able to save a good amount of money each month is something we are really excited about.

Work is keeping us both busy but we still find time each week to lounge on the beach.
The rainy season should be approaching very soon.
And we are looking forward to hosting more visitors starting next month.

The view from our new living room