Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Farm

It has been 7 months since we stopped living on the farm
and we are blown away with how the farm has grown!
Every couple of months we go back to visit the farm and see what's new
and every time the progress is greater and greater.
The other weekend Zach and I went to the Ala Moana Farmers Market to buy some greens from the farm and we were pleasantly surprised to see John sitting at the booth. 
He said every Saturday and Sunday they harvest their greens at 5am and they sell out of their produce at both markets. 
Now they are working on making more grow beds in order to have more greens to sell. They have also been selling some fish, which is great and they are starting a CSA soon that we are super excited for. 

On Friday we went to the farm to look at the increased of production and see all the new happenings.
We couldn't believe all the change. 
It's so good to see the farm, the first stepping stone to our Hawaiian adventure, growing. 
We are so happy for John and Elko and Nalolicious

John at the Nalolicious booth

The tastiest sprouts ever

This is the increase in production for sprouts...when we were there we were making about 7 trays a week, now they are doing about 12 trays a day

The WWOOFer's garden
There's a ton of kale

The view from John's porch; I'm sure he loves it

We helped build, weed, nourish and plant these berms. 
They were pretty bare when we left, now look at them

This pup, Rusty, is a new addition to the farmily
he loves to watch the fish

We love their greens
It's good to know all of our hard cinder washing went to good use!

Amazing view

This is actually where our tent was.
They cleared out this entire area and are turning into WWOOFer City.
John said the plan is to build more 8x8 "rooms" for WWOOFers in the future

All of this use to be a thick forest of trees and brush
 We could hardly even walk through it

We will be back soon because Twitch is pregnant and we can't wait to see her puppies!

Zach and I were talking about how cool it would be to be a WWOOFer on the farm now because there's much more responsibility with harvesting, planting, and maintaining everything.
But John always reminds us we were a big part of the farm. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

End Of May Photos

Happy June!
We are excited for the start of summer.
We've been taking a lot of pictures lately,
here's the latest happenings with us...

Our living room is starting to come together!
We want to get an area rug and small coffee table and a few more things on the wall.

Last Sunday night we went to China Walls to watch the 3 planets align. 
We had fun taking pictures and enjoyed the sunset. 

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter

On Memorial day we tried to go to Hanauma Bay in the morning but the parking lot was full so we continued driving a little ways and stopped to explore some cliffs off the side of the road before Sandy Beach.

We had fun exploring!

Zach and his buddy from work went spear fishing the other day and caught all these fish!
Zach was excited and I think he really enjoyed going with a friend who has some local experience. 
We have 3 of these fish in our freezer, we just need to figure out how to prepare and eat them. 

We love our honu friend! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

More Pictures!

Berna sent us her pictures from their trip. 
There's some good ones.
We loved having them here!

At the Shack for dinner

Our front stairs

Waiting for the submarine

Much aloha 

At Dole

It was fun driving around in a convertible!

Waimea Bay