Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dad & Berna's Visit

My dad and Berna came to visit in the beginning of the month for dad's birthday.
It was fun having them here for a few days before they headed off to Kauai.
They stayed at the Hawaiian Hilton Village, which we were excited to see the rooms and accommodations. Their view of the ocean was pretty spectacular and they enjoyed all the resort had to offer. We watched the fireworks over the ocean and took a trip on the Atlantis Submarine, which was fun.  We enjoyed dinners together and riding around in their rental...a Volvo convertible! We had to do the tour of the island up to the North Shore, which they both enjoyed a lot. {I love the North Shore}

It was so good to see them and show them around the place we now call home!
Thank you dad and Berna for coming to see us and treating us!!

Zach drove them to pick me up from work their first night here.
I was surprised to see a convertible

On dad's birthday
~love the aloha shirts~

We saw a big sea turtle on the submarine ride

It was cool to be riding on a real submarine

The view from their room

Dad taking the scoot for a spin!

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