Thursday, May 23, 2013

Welcome 27!

There's nothing quite like your birthday
and this year, as I turned 27 I felt so loved, blessed, and grateful!
Mom and Dan sent me home with a duffle bag full of goodies.
Dad and Berna gave me money for our couch.
The girls at work got me a lei and a cake.
Zach treated me to an adventure of paddle boarding.
I got numerous, cards, gift cards, phone calls, texts, and emails.
I seriously have the best friends and family.
Much mahalos for making my 27th year wonderful!

May 19th, like every year, was also a day of reflection for me...
I was 17 when Zach entered my life.
 It's crazy and amazing it has nearly been a decade since we started dating and he became my best friend.

I thought about when I turned 21, and how much fun it was celebrating in Vegas with 20 of my closest friends and family.
I thought about when I turned 22 and had just graduated from college.
And I thought about when I turned 25 in Guyana with my best Peace Corps friends.

The best realization I've had this year
is I am so happy with my journey through life.
My life has been full of ups and downs,
leaps of faith,
And I'm so grateful for where life has lead me!

Zach and I had so much fun paddle boarding on my birthday.
We paddled out to Twin Islands off the shore of Lanikai Beach {one of our favorite beaches}.
The water was beautiful and we saw 5 sea turtles!
Our paddle out to Twin Islands was a little ambitious...
our arms and shoulders got pretty tired but we're glad we did it and can now say we've been to those islands.

I welcome my 27th year full-heartedly!


This is one of my favorite quotes
because after all age is just a number!

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