Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Thanks to Dan I had the opportunity to fly to Utah to surprise my mom for Mother's Day.
It was a short weekend trip but very enjoyable.
It was nice to hug my mom and spend time together.
The weather was great, we shopped, practiced yoga, went out to dinner, and Dan treated us to Mother's Day brunch at La Caille, which was wonderful.
I loved our weekend together!


While I was away Zach speared his 2nd fish...

He was stoked for this one because it's so cool looking
and pretty impressive that he speared such a long, thin fish.

I kind of expected to come home to find this one also in the freezer
but I had no such luck.
He says he really enjoys the hunt and I think it's pretty neat that he is actually catching things. 

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