Saturday, April 27, 2013

He Speared a Fish!

A couple evenings ago I came home to a note that read,
"there's a surprise in the freezer"
When I opened the freezer I saw a little brown thing in a ziplock bag,
all I could distinctly make out was a tail.
I thought it was a bird.
I picked up the phone, going to text Zach, "why is there a bird in the freezer?"
when I saw pictures of a fish on his spear.
Then it clicked,
he speared his first fish!

He is very proud of his first successful fish hunt.

Luckily, I didn't have to clean and cook the little fish because 
as it turns out boxfish are toxic. 

I think this is just the first of many more fish he will bring home!

He is so stoked!

In other deep-sea related news...
this afternoon Zach and I went snorkeling.
The water was pretty murky so we swam kind of far out to more reef. 
We were looking at some fish when I looked to my left and saw a shark.
I came to the surface and told Zach, "there's a shark!"
He told me not to panic and to start swimming towards shore.
I have never swam so fast in my life. 

When we reached the shore I was out of breath and Zach asked if I was okay.
He did not see the shark but he told me it was most likely a reef shark and that they are very skittish around humans. But still I saw a shark and since I don't know the difference between sharks it was freaky.
Zach is jealous he did not see the shark.

But today was a beautiful day at the beach and I love that we live here! 

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