Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We live on this beautiful island.
Surrounded by water, it's wonder is captivating.
The ocean is a life of it's own 
and we have learned to respect the calmness, the tides, the currents, and the waves. 
There's nothing like seeing the different hues of blue and green decorate the shore line. 
And there's nothing like the sense of this is where we belong.

We made the decision to buy a new, more professional camera to capture the raw beauty that we see everyday.
Over the weekend there was a big south swell that rolled in 
so we tested out our new camera on the shore of Sandy Beach. 
The waves were the biggest we have ever seen and we were amazed by the power of the ocean yet again. And even more amazed by the brave dudes who were out in the ocean riding the mighty waves.
We really can't wait to see the big surf up at the North Shore this winter.  

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