Sunday, September 29, 2013

Zach Made 28!

On Friday Zach turned 28 and to celebrate we spent the afternoon at the Honolulu Zoo.
We were surprised by how nice the zoo is.
We really enjoyed looking at all the animals;
a lot of them were very active, which is always fun to see.
The Komodo Dragon.
Tigers are beautiful creatures.
Did you know that the Rhino's horn is made up of the same material as our hair and nails?
This guy put on the best show...
he ran and kicked the glass window were Zach was sitting.
The sound was so loud and it got the other chimps hollering.

Giraffes are always cool to see.
It was really cool to see the big hippos enter and swim around in the water.
I loved watching these little guys!
"I like turtles"
These orangutans were just sitting there
and then they each rolled themselves over to play on ropes.
So great to see!
After the zoo we walked around Waikiki a little bit
then sat on the sand as the sun was setting
before we got to watch fireworks.
As the sun was setting we got the text that Zach's newest nephew was just born!
So he now shares his birthday with his baby nephew, such a great birthday present. 

We love the free firework show that the Hawaiian Hilton puts on every Friday night.

And Zach's birthday treat were his favorite malasadas.
We had a good day celebrating his 28th year!

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