Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Vacation {Part Two}

The bride and groom asked the wedding party to stay the night before the wedding up in the mountains in a cabin to make sure everyone was there and ready for the wedding. They also allowed significant others to stay. It was great for Zach to be with old friends again and I enjoyed getting to know his friends better. That night we just hung out and went to dinner with everyone. 

The cabin was huge and it slept all 16 of us comfortably

The wedding was not until 4:00pm the next day so we had a few hours in the morning to do whatever.
We played a game of horseshoes, went on a walk, and took a little nap.

Our first time playing horseshoes and we won!

Then around 1:00 we all headed over to the wedding venue, which was beautiful and attached to another cabin where everyone got ready. 
When we arrived the wedding decorating was underway and you could tell people were stressed out. We tried to help but also tried to stay out of the way. 

Before the ceremony we took pictures and explored the venue.

The gentleman working their time pieces

The groomsman

Their ceremony was quirky and unique 

The first dance

I love this guy

Ryan surprised Jamie with a biker ceremony
It was cute! 

My favorite picture of the whole event...
Zach and his oldest friend, Nick were the last ones on the dance floor

It was truly a fun & beautiful wedding!
Glad we got to be a part of it.

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