Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Vacation {Part One}

Our week in California was a busy one but we couldn't have asked for a better vacation!
The reason for our trip to California was to be a part of Zach's friends wedding. 
Zach was a groomsman so we were a part of a two day event up in the mountains. 
Our vacation had 3 parts to it so I will be posting accordingly. 
I apologize in advance for the picture overload. 
We had a lot of fun. 

We took the redeye from Honolulu to LAX, which we loved and were able to have an extra day in Lancaster. 

On the plane and super excited

At 6:00am we were greeted and treated to breakfast by dad and Berna
and then welcomed home by this sign from Zach's parents

One of my highlights of the week was having my friend Becky come stay with us and going to our first Dodger game. 
That day, Wednesday was also Zach's mom, Mary's birthday so her and David joined us for the game. 
After the game we drove (in crazy traffic) down to Orange County to have pizza with Zach's brother, Keith and his family. 

We had to get Dodger blue T-shirts

 I was so happy I got to hang out with Becky!! 

 It was a great afternoon at the ball park!

Once we were in Orange County we had fun with Zach's nieces 
They all had fun swimming

On Thursday we went to dinner with my mom's side of the family.
I loved seeing them.
My aunt Cola, Uncle Greg, Papa, & Grandma

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner.
Zach loved seeing all his old friends.

The groom Ryan, the reverend Tone Zone, and Zach

On Saturday, before we took off for the mountains
we got together with Zach's family for a baby shower for this brother, Jonathan and his wife, Polin.
They are expecting a baby boy in a couple weeks.

 We are so excited for these two! 

Some of Zach's family
It was great to be with them

Then we headed up to Lake Arrowhead for the wedding

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