Monday, September 16, 2013

Our One Year Mark!!!

September 12th marked our first year in Hawaii!
As I was looking through our pictures and thinking about the year I couldn't help but feel sentimental.
We took a leap of faith on moving out here.
For me it was following a dream.
For Zach it was gaining independence.
And for us both it was to see if we could really be together.
Sure the year presented struggles
but truthfully it has been the most eye opening
and best year of our lives yet.

We have made a life for ourselves on this island.
And that is an indescribable feeling.

It has been an adventurous year
and we look forward to many more years exploring together.

Our first day exploring 

Our first time living together was in this tent, where we lived for 2 months
on Nalolicious Farm

Sometimes we talk about our time on the farm and living in the tent
and we think it was one of the greatest things we could have ever done.

We went from living in a tent 
to renting our first studio apartment together. 

And we went from just having the scoot
to also having the explorer.

Our first year of visitors...
We loved showing all these people around the place we now call home
and we look forward to many more visitors!

Princess, Becky, and Peter came in October while we were still on the farm

Eric came in January

David and Mary came in March

Papa and his friend Mary came in April

Dad and Berna came in May

We got to see Brad and Christina in July

Ryan and Jamie came for their honeymoon in September

Over the year we've done things we never thought we'd do like cleaning baby catfish tanks 
 or for Zach working with food.

This year has also been a year of many firsts...
Zach officially got his hair in a pony tail 

Speared his first fish 

And we spent our first Christmas alone together

We've enjoyed...
Watching the farm grow

Spending as much time as we can at the beach

And exploring the island

We love being together
and we love living in Hawaii!

We can't wait to see what year 2 brings

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