Monday, February 20, 2012

Things I Learned

Things I learned while visiting Seattle
1. it's a cold but beautiful city
2. it's an artsy city and I like that
3. there are SO many restaurants
4. if people offer you a free sample take it
5. boots are fun to wear
6. dogs are allowed in pretty much any building
7. people try to help out the homeless as much as possible
8. there are a lot of islands in Washington
9. always be prepared for rain...and the sun does come out
10. dogs are fun and make me happy

My last few days I stayed with my Peace Corps friends Paul & Alyssa & their dog Sa'sa
it was great visiting with them!
It was great to see lots of great people

It was good to see the sights

It was fun to walk around Pike's Place Market

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  1. ooo artsy city, sounds like somewhere i'd like to visit :)