Sunday, February 26, 2012


My mom & I drove to Arizona to spend a few days with family.
We stayed in Prescott to spend time with Grandma & her 4 cats.
We watched movies, went to dinner, talked, and enjoyed the great weather.
I spent a day in Scottsdale at Grammary's.
Although it's a sad time for that side of my family it was good to be there and see everyone.
My cousin Kacie showed me around old town Scottsdale, which was fun & artsy.

I loved this

This art tree is made out of jeans

It was good to see Leon again

Yummy White Russian ice cream

On the way we drove by Lake Mead, it was beautiful

I'm loving all the traveling I've been doing and it's been great spending time with friends and family. Next week I'm headed to California.

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