Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pre Wedding Festivities: Part 1

We flew to California a few days before our wedding to make sure everything was in order and to have fun with friends and family. We truly had a great time and appreciated everyone taking time out of their busy schedules to spend time with us.

Since we planned our whole wedding by means of the internet it felt really good to meet with our vendors and really get a sense for how everything would come together.  When I finally saw Elings park in person I got really excited!

The first few days we were home Zach and I did a lot of running around...we were doing last minute wedding things up until the last minute...

 ...but we managed to have fun along the way.

Zach was so sweet and helped with some crafting 

and he got his hair and beard trimmed. 

These 3 amazing girls were by my side for a whole week. 
Leighton flew in from D.C., Heather flew in from Chicago, and Becky drove up from Corona.They seriously are the best friends any girl can ask for! 
 Nothing like being reunited and a late night Walmart run. 

Zach's mom, Mary threw me a bridal shower. It was so sweet and fun!

We played games, ate good food, and enjoyed everyone's company. 
I loved seeing family I had not seen in quite some time.

 The toilet paper bride winner! I love her! 

The best moms ever!

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