Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pre wedding festivities: the day before & morning of

We drove up to Santa Barbara the day before our wedding and stayed the night. We stayed at the Montecito Inn, which we fell in love with. Zach had a room for him and his guys and I had a room for me and the girls. It was so nice having our friends all together! I decided to make all the flower arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres. The girls and I got to Santa Barbara around 10:00am, went out for breakfast, checked into our hotel room, and stopped by Costco to pick up the flowers. We spent the majority of the afternoon in the hotel room arranging flowers before we headed off to the park for the rehearsal. My friend, Chelsea drove down from Sacramento to be a part of the fun, which was super nice of her. 

On the morning of our wedding I woke up at 4:00am, after going to bed around 1:00am. I woke up thinking, "I am getting married today" and I felt super excited but also very nervous. I truly didn't think I would be nervous and I was surprised to find myself nervous. After lying in bed for an hour I didn't want to wake the girls so I just hung out in the spacious hotel bathroom. My mom texted me around 5:00am saying that we woke up at 4:30am full of emotion. 

Around 8:00am Zach and his friends went to the park to help set up. Thanks to Zach and his friends, our parents and my Uncle Greg & Aunt Tori they got the park looking wonderful, it was truly better than I imagined. While they were all busy setting up us girls were busy getting ready. Truthfully, I wasn't feeling the best with my stomach in knots and feeling tired I just laid on the couch for a while. Our morning went smoothly and then before we knew it it was 1:00 and we were rushing to get dressed because we had to be at the park at 2:00 to begin taking pictures. 

They really liked Santa Barbara

Making arrangements 

 We did it all pretty quickly thanks to these ladies

Our last day as single people

Leighton, Heather, & Chels on the way to the park 

Heather & Sonny 


We both couldn't believe we were rehearsing our wedding!

The morning of...
Tori, Berna, & mom ready to help set up

Feeling kinda blah

 I was so happy Chelsea was there

 My mom looking beautiful 

 Beautiful bridesmaids!

 Couldn't have done it without them

Once I got to the park my nerves were beginning to settle and after Zach and I said "I do" I was feeling wonderful! 

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