Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Any Advice?

We've been enjoying making our apartment our home. 
It's been fun.

I haven't decorated too much yet but I have a lot of ideas for projects.
I'm going to have to be patient with this task and just do little things here and there when I can.
We did turn our walk-in closet into our bedroom, literally, it's a room for our bed!
We bought a full futon mattress (that fits perfectly), a mattress pad, and foam topper. 
It's quite cozy and comfy. 
We love it.

 I would like to make a headboard just to give it a little something. 

This is how Zach finds me most mornings...wrapped up in my cocoon.

With our bed in the closet that gives us space for a living room.
We are still searching for a couch, coffee table, and area rug.
We hope to have our living room complete shortly after the new year. 

On my days off I try to bake and cook.
I really enjoy baking...there are so many recipes I want to try!
{Must be patient with this too}

It's hard to cook when I work nights and us having opposite schedules.
We've had a few successful meals like broccoli and chicken casserole, chicken enchiladas, and stuffed bell peppers. 
But we need to get better at meal planning. 
Sometimes we feel lost with grocery shopping, 
especially with our budget, which changes from pay check to pay check. 

So, I am writing this blog with the intention of getting advice, ideas, and suggestions on how to plan weekly/monthly meals and than effectively budget for them. 
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

We hope you are all enjoying this holiday season.
The weather on the island has been overcast, windy and rainy.
Zach's had a few wet days on the boot scoot but he just laughs.

The other night I came home
and found this
It made me laugh
We had to come up with clever ways to hide our Christmas presents for each other. 
And no, I didn't peek! 

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  1. First, we buy the biggest pots we can find. Then we break our monthly meal budget into 4 quarters. Vanessa picks one recipe per week some kind of stew, soup, chili, or sauce, and then double or triples it so it will fill the pot and last at least a week. She'll freeze the rest. Over time, our freezer gets several different frozen meals that she can select from, thaw, and eat without having to cook. I'll email zach some pics of what we've done in the past. The initial investment up front for the cookware is a hurdle, but its fun because we are always finding new recipes to try and we only spend a few days a week actually cooking.