Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reunited At Last

Last week I flew to Florida to reunite with 3 amazing girls + Kellen!
It felt like no time had passed between us...we picked up right where we left off in Guyana, only this time we were in sunny, beautiful Destin, FL. 
The minute I spotted them at the airport I was rolling with laughter and it didn't stop for 3 whole days.

This is how we began our reunion...
they greeted me at the airport wearing these amazing mustaches and when they were close enough to hug me they slapped one on me. 
Let me just tell you, the small airport was full of laughter and many stares.

Heather rented us a condo near the beach, which was nice and we spent our hours laughing & chatting and laughing some more.

We decided to have ourselves a little photo shoot on the beach, it was very fun & funny!
We used a tripod and point and shoot camera, who needs a professional anyways?
Of course we had to get a little silly and sport our mustaches.

We went to dinner at the Back Porch where Kellen works, it was fun to surprise and see him.
We ordered gator kabobs & seafood nachos, they were delicious.

One evening we went to a little free concert at a park
& our last night all together we went out to a piano bar.

The time flew by but in a short amount of time we created even more amazing memories!
I seriously love these girls and I'm so thankful we were able to reunite!!!

Leighton Girl, Becky Boo, HB, & Sara Sue 
Why mustache we be so cool?

2011 Tobabgo (where it all began)
2012 Destin, Florida
2013 Oahu, Hawaii

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