Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lake Tahoe

I got a call for an interview in Lake Tahoe, 
I kinda forgot I applied for the job and I didn't know it was in South Lake Tahoe 
{it just said Northern California online}
So I headed to Lake Tahoe last week. 
Since it was pretty short notice I decided to drive and luckily enough
my mom and Dan were in Sacramento for the weekend and 
on their way back home were staying a night in Reno
so I met them there and we checked out Reno...
We even won a little money! 
Nevada is an interesting state.

I made it to South Lake Tahoe and was blown away 
by how beautiful it is, especially the lake.
I stayed 2 nights there and I got to explore a little.
I was surprised by how small it actually is.
The weather was perfect and I enjoyed walking around and
sitting near the lake.
I think living there would be pretty awesome.
Pretty different.
But spending time out on the lake would be heavenly.
{I love the water}

The position for the job interview was a Nutrition Educator. 
During the interview I used a lot of examples from my work in Peace Corps.
So it was great to see my work and experience in Guyana actually be useful.
I am definitely qualified for the position through my experience
however, they are seeking someone who is bilingual in Spanish.
Who knows, maybe I can still get it or something related to the position.
Either way it was a good opportunity to interview 
and I got to see another part of the world {California}
that I hadn't seen before. 

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