Saturday, December 6, 2014

Goals & Dreams

This is exactly what Zach and I are working on...Our long-term goals!
We have so many plans and dreams that we talk about constantly 
and it makes us excited to think about what we want for our future. 

Now that we are married (and so very much in love) people are always asking us when we are going to start having babies? I can't tell you how many times we get asked that question...our response is the same, "not any time soon". 
Zach and I want to have kids but we are not ready yet. 
Our goal is for Zach to finish school here in Hawaii and to get into PT school back on the mainland (there are no PT programs in Hawaii). 
We talk about having kids all the time but right now we are working hard so when the time comes we can turn that dream into reality. 

Our main long-term goal right now is getting into PT school. 
Zach is busy and doing well with school and I am so grateful for his hard work. 
We have briefly started looking into PT schools, to make sure he's taking the right classes needed to apply. There are a lot of schools and we both get excited when we talk about where it might be fun to live once we are finished in Hawaii. 

Another goal we talk a lot about is traveling. 
We really want to visit Kauai and the Big Island. And lately we have been talking about taking a cross country road trip, hopefully before Zach starts PT school. So we have started saving to make those trips possible. 

It's easy, especially for me, to get so caught up in the future instead of staying in the present moment. 
But I think it's good to know what it is we are working towards and for us to talk about our goals and plan for our future. 
I believe the more you talk about your dreams the more eager you become at making those dreams come true.  

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