Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our Sundays

I can't explain how grateful I am that Zach now has Sundays off. 
Since we've lived in Hawaii our work schedules have never matched. He works evenings and weekends and I work during the day Monday through Friday. 
It finally got to a point where we NEEDED to have at least one day off together each week. 
And Zach made that possible! 

The last 2 Sundays have been awesome. 
We've gone on 2 really cool hikes and spent the afternoons at the beach. 
It feels so good to get outside and explore the island again 
(I was starting to turn into a hermit).   

First, we hiked the Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail, which was a neat hike. 
The water was beautiful and looked so inviting. 
There were some pretty steep parts on the trail and there was no shade but it was super windy 
so we didn't get really hot, just wind blown. 

 Hawaii Kai all the way to the  left, Koko Head, and Hanauma Bay 

The wind was crazy

This last Sunday we hiked Friendship Garden on the Kokokahi Ridge in Kaneohe with a couple of my co-wokers and their boyfriends. The views were awesome. The air was a little heavy with no wind so we were hot but there was shade and tall grasses to keep the sun completely off of us. 
 Kaneohe Bay to the left and Kailua to the right

 Kaneohe Bay

 Love this picture of the mountains

Walking through the tall grass
The Kapaa Quarry 

We were hot and tired after the hike so we rested at Kalamas Beach Park in Kailua. 

It is so nice having a day off together!

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