Wednesday, May 7, 2014


First off...
Today marks 100 days until we say, "I Do!" I cannot wait!!!

Over the weekend we went to Maui, thanks to Zach's parents. 
His brother Jonathan, sister-in-law, Polin, and nephew, Noah were there visiting with Polin's family 
and we got to meet up with them and meet baby Noah. 

We were really surprised by how big, spread out, and country the island of Maui is.
It has a totally different feel than Oahu and we really liked it. 
We wanted to see the seven sacred pools so we drove towards Hana, little did we know how remote that side of the island is. We had no cell phone reception so we were unable to use the GPS, there were no signs to let us know where we were, and the road was so narrow. I know I annoyed Zach by yelling, "Babe" around every turn. But it was crazy not being able to see if a car was coming right towards us. There were parts with signs warning to honk around turns. 
But it was a beautiful drive with very diverse climates. 
Parts of the drive looked like how I envision Ireland. 
Along the drive we found a little black sandy beach. 
And we found a beautiful waterfall, which we stopped and walked up to. 
Since we had been driving for quite some time and we didn't know how much farther the pools were we decided to turn around and check out the lavender farm. 

It was so nice to spend time with Jonathan and family.
We loved meeting and holding baby Noah. 
We also loved spending time by the pool and going down the water slide.
The resorts on Maui are nothing like Waikiki, we were blown away by how uncrowded the resort was. 

We're thankful for the opportunity to explore another Hawaiian island. 
Zach and I really enjoyed spending time together too! 

We have been talking about how much we want to see a black sandy beach 
so we were excited to find this one. 

This waterfall was just along the side of the road.

The lavender farm was neat, we really enjoyed looking at all the plants and flowers and smelling the fresh lavender. 
We shared a lavender scone that was delicious. 

Noah didn't know what to think of Zach's beard, he kept pulling on it, which was really funny. 

 He has the cutest smile! 

We even got to see some penguins. 

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