Sunday, March 2, 2014

Engagement Photos

We talked about it and decided it was more important to hire a professional photographer to do our wedding pictures instead of our engagement pictures. So with the help of our roommate, Sam she used our camera to take our engagement photos.
We actually had a plan to go to Kualoa Ranch and then to the beach to take pictures. But on our President's Day holiday it was rainy and overcast. So we ventured over to Moanalua Gardens, which one of Zach's co-workers recommended to him. That was our only day off together where we could take pictures so we figured even if it was raining hopefully we would be blocked by the trees. It turned out to be perfect! There was no rain (just mud) and the sun started to peek through the clouds.
We didn't really know how to pose...I wanted us to have fun with it and we did.  Sam did a wonderful job, we got some great photos! After the gardens we decided to drive up to Tantalus to see if there were any good photo taking spots but it was still a bit too cloudy.

Once the rainy season is over I hope we can find a day to go to Kualoa Ranch and to the beach to take  a few more photos.

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