Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zach's Hair

For as long as I have known Zach he has always gone back and forth between growing out his hair, beard, or mustache. He'd start to grow his hair out to see how long he could get it but would always end up cutting it before it would start to lay down. 
For the past 21 months he grew his hair out...
His stages were the curly top poofball. The almost long enough to pull it into a ponytail. And the shoulder length sufer look, which I really liked when he wore a hat! 
When we started planning our wedding the hair topic came up and we came to an agreement, either long hair and clean shaving or short hair and a beard. The choice was Zach's and he choose the beard. 
He wanted to make sure his hair was long enough to donate, which it was well over 10 inches long. So on Valentines night we went to the barber shop and he said goodbye to his long curly locks. 

Every time he grew his hair out I told him I wanted to straighten it. Well, I finally got the chance to! 

This is the Zach remember when we first started dating. 

So now he is working on growing out his beard...let's hope it looks good for the wedding! 

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