Sunday, March 3, 2013


It's official, we now have 4 wheels!!!

This is our new 1992 Ford Explorer Sport
We love it!
It's stick shift so we've both had to learn how to drive it. 
Zach became a pro after one day of driving it, while I'm still getting a feel for it.
{I should have stuck with it when papa was teaching me how to drive stick 11 years ago}.

Zach took a bus (a 3 hour ride) up to the North Shore to check it out and ended up making a deal with the guy and drove it home. 

We went out and about last weekend and it felt so good to drive together in our own vehicle, blocked from the elements, and with plenty of space in the back to hold our groceries. 

We drove about 30 minutes to the only Target on the island
to buy some more home-goods.
It was nice to do all of our shopping in one place.
Even Zach enjoyed our Target trip. 

{He makes life fun}

Since we now have 4 wheels we thought it best to get our Hawaii driver licenses. 
We took a morning and drove up the east side of the island to the DMV. We were pretty impressed with the DMV experience, we got there 45 minutes before they opened and once they opened we were out of there with our licenses within an hour. 
So we are now officially kamaainia (children of the land)! 

After we got our licenses we decided to drive a little more up north to check out Laie point.
It was super windy

Yesterday we decided to have a late afternoon snorkel at
Hunauma Bay 
{Hunauma Bay is world class snorkeling and it's about 3 miles away from our apartment.
Also, it's free for kamaaina, I think we'll be spending a lot of time there now}

 It felt good to be in the ocean.
We snorkeled a little ways out to where the waves were breaking and we saw a sea turtle swimming right toward us with his head above the water.
He was so cute and it was so cool to see.
I love sea turtles!

Afterwards we stopped off at the Hawaii Kai lookout point,
which is one of my favorite points on the island.

I was able to get Zach's hair in a pony tail...
I think this is going to be his look from now on. 

We are very excited to have Zach's parents visiting in 2 weeks!
It will be great to see them and explore more of the island! 


  1. So exciting Sara! I am SO incredibly happy that you are making your dreams come true out there. Sending you tons of love!

  2. girl! there are TWO targets. ;)