Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Day Off!

Zach and I finally had a day off together.
Our last day off together was on Christmas...way too long.
So what better way to spend our President's Day than at the Aquarium in Waikiki.
I cashed in my February coupon for a day with my babe looking at colorful fishies.
I loved our day!
We woke up made some eggs and bacon, did some laundry then walked to the bus stop, and we only had to wait 10 seconds for the bus {I love when that happens}.
The aquarium is right on the water, it's small but offers a wide variety of fish to aw over.

We got a kick out of this spotted fish and it's name...Sweet Lips

I loved all the neon colored fish

Jelly fish are interesting creatures

I wish the aquarium had more outdoor exhibits but it was fun to watch this monk seal swim around

After the aquarium we walked around Waikiki, it's fun to do that every now and then.
We checked out a lot of the shops.
It amazes me that there are 2 of the same stores on the same side of the street just blocks away from each other, I guess tourist love to shop while they visit Waikiki. 
The weather was nice and sunny and windy.
The wind has been blowing here so much lately.
In fact, we've been woken up 3 nights in a row now because the wind has been blowing so hard.
There's just no escaping the wind.

We had a nice evening together as well.
It was a perfect day off!
Zach beat me at both cards and Bananagrams too!!

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