Sunday, October 14, 2012

Month One

Well, it's been one month since we arrived in Hawaii and became a part of Nalolicious Farm.
We thought it would be appropriate to share fun/interesting facts we've learned about Hawaii for our one month mark....

It is not illegal to ride in the back of truck beds but people inside of vehicles have to ware seatbelts.
The highest speed limit on the island is 60mph and it's only on one part of the freeway.
Flip flops are called slippers.
There are stray cats everywhere.
The Pitbull is the state dog.
Weed is called paco loco and medical marijuana cards are only good for growing your own weed, not for buying it.
There are a lot of geckos and they crawl around everything.
The surf is measured from the back of the wave instead of the front, and is also measured at half of what it really is. On a 2-4ft day, the waves would actually be 4-8ft.
There is not much evening. When the sun goes down it gets dark quick.
Contrary to popular belief, the water is not as warm as bathwater. It is not cold, just not as warm as advertised.
Coconuts are a lot more work than they are worth.
The beach is our favorite past time!

This week 5 more WWOOFers joined the's getting a bit crowded.
We are really hoping we find some jobs soon.

 We went to the beach a lot this week

 Our lovely ladder stairs to our tent

 Twitch watching Zach battle a coconut
{yes that's a hatchet}

 The best part of Zach's week--manning the bobcat

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