Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 Days Down

We were talking the other night about how much more comfortable we feel on the farm. We wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 am every day and usually to the sound of rain or the birds chirping. We go up to the main house to fix breakfast and to do our chores then usually Zach and I go with John to help take care of the baby catfish. Here’s a little video. 
The whole catfish process takes about an hour then we head back to the farm to begin our day’s work. All the garden beds now have cinders put in them, now we are working on breaking down and washing bio-char (basically it’s charred chopped wood that may or may not be beneficial to plant growth). I began the bio-char work yesterday and let’s just say, I was filthy by the end of it. 

We both enjoy doing work, it’s good to feel productive and we love the food that is cooked and served here. We love taking breaks and going to the beach and we love the beauty that surrounds us. For me personally, I’m looking forward to cleaner feet and having our own space. 

The other day we spent the day in town looking at apartments, that whole process is interesting. We are realizing we have to have jobs first before we’ll be approved for an apartment so we’ve also been applying to lots of jobs; fortunately, we both have interviews this week…fingers crossed!! 

We are definitely learning a lot along the way…patience being the most important lesson so far. We are grateful for the set up we have right now, I don’t know how we would have gone about moving to Hawaii without the help of living and working on this farm. We are grateful for the support of each other (I am especially grateful for Zach’s attitude when I let frustrations get the best of me) and we are entirely grateful for the support and love of our friends and family. We know things will fall into place eventually. 

Until next time…

Our evening watching the sunset in Waikiki

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