Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day

So, I am back in Utah 
and it's beautiful here.
The weather is perfect
and hot! 
It's so green 
while the tops of the mountains still have snow on them.

This Earth Day weekend I made sure to take advantage 
of this summer feeling weather. 
Yesterday my mom and I went to the new 
City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake.
It's huge and very nice with a lot of department stores.
Then we drove up to Ogden to go on a hike.
It was hot and there were many people and dogs out enjoying the sun.
The hike ended at a waterfall and the mist felt great.
I really do like hiking and hope to explore more in Utah.

Then today Skylar and Brittany invited me along on a bike stroll through the park.
It was fun and good to see a lot of people out. 

Now, I have to go shopping for sandals and shorts
and get my tan back!

Looking out from City Creek Center

View of the valley

The waterfall

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