Monday, October 12, 2015

Zach Turned 30!

A couple weeks ago I surprised Zach with a weekend getaway to Turtle Bay for his 30 birthday.
I booked the room back in March and it was so hard to keep it from him for months. 
There were moments where I'd get so excited and almost blurt out, "When we are at Turtle Bay..." but quickly remembering Zach didn't know we were going to Turtle Bay. 
It was fun to surprise him and getting our families involved to help me out!
We had a wonderful weekend and loved being away from it all for a couple days. 
The resort is lovely and we had a wonderful view of the pool and ocean. 
We swam a lot in the pool, even the rain didn't keep us out. 
We explored the property and walked along the beach. 
The only downfall of the weekend was the stormy weather.
I had also planned for us to do a shark cage excursion but due to the bad weather it got cancelled. 
We'll have to save that one for next year. 

I wanted to make Zach's 30th special because we are embarking on a whole new chapter in our lives in our 30's and that is exciting! 

View from our room. 

We enjoyed watching the surfers. 

The movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is one of our favorites and they filmed all over Turtle Bay, including a large portion with those cottages. 
We quoted the movie the whole weekend. 

Cheers to 30! 

Check out our Turtle Bay Video

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