Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our President's Day Weekend

I just have to say I love 3 day weekends and I think there should be more of them. 

That being said, Saturdays are quickly becoming my least favorite day of the week because it's another day I don't get to spend time with Zach. 
He has started shadowing at a PT clinic (yay!) on Saturday mornings from 8-12. This is a great experience for him and I'm super happy he was able to find a clinic so fast. 
For him to get into grad school he has to have somewhere between 20 to 100+ hours of PT observation experience. 
Each school requires different hours and experience from at least 2 different PT settings. 
 Once he is finished at the PT clinic he comes home to eat and change his clothes then he's out the door again to go to work and I don't see him again until 11:00 at night. 
He is a busy guy and I am so thankful for our Sundays off together. 

This past Sunday we bought a GoPro!
We have been wanting one for a while now and with our tax return we finally got one. 
We charged the batteries and then went for an evening drive to test it out. 
We had no idea how to use it but we just went for it. Unfortunately, when we got home we realized I had the setting on time lapse the whole drive so the footage was useless but we enjoyed our drive. 

We decided to try another GoPro adventure on Monday since we both had the day off. 
We woke up at 5:30 in the morning and drove to Makapu'u lighthouse. We wanted to capture the sun rising and try out time lapse the correct way. We walked quickly up the mountain and got our camera in position. 
Even though it was a little hazy out it was neat watching the sun rise and the clouds change color. 
We were back home by 8:30 and excited we still had the whole day ahead of us. 
When we downloaded the sunrise footage somehow we deleted it so we don't know if we got any cool footage. I guess we'll have to try a sunrise time lapse again. 
We spent the rest of our morning playing around with the GoPro, we even made our first movie! 
But we have been a little surprised by how complicated it's been figuring out how manage downloading the footage. It seems it should be simpler but I'm sure we'll figure it out over time. 

We spent the rest of our day at Waimanalo Beach with my old co-worker Amalis and her family. 
It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun playing in the water and filming. 

Sunday evening drive up Tantalus

Loved seeing the different colors in the sky and the sliver of moon

Adventures with him are the best!

Cotton candy looking clouds 

We love a good beach day with fun people! 

If you want to see our very first attempts at making GoPro movies click on the links below. 
Our skills are a work in progress so please don't judge!

And please don't mind how messy our house is! Kinda embarrassing!


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