Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Engagement

I was surprised when Zach popped the big question 3 weeks ago. Sure, we had talked about getting married and we'd say things like, "When we get married..." or "At our wedding..." but now that it's actually happening it feels surreal. Those first 48 hours of being newly engaged are moments I never want to forget. When we told our families and friends and people asked if we had a date set or knew any details all we could say was, "We don't know anything yet". I just wanted to soak in all the happiness and love I was feeling. We both couldn't stop smiling.
Sometimes throughout the day when life is crazy and hectic I look down at my left hand and see the ring Zach placed on my finger and I am reminded of how lucky I am...I get to marry and spend my whole life with my best friend; the one who makes me laugh every day and who loves me for all that I am.
Now that the feeling and words "engaged" and "fiancĂ©" have sinked in we have started planning our wedding. We don't know much yet, but we are working on it. We know we want a relaxed, outdoors wedding in Southern California with our families and close friends. Every day we talk about ideas or look at Pinterest for insperation for our wedding. It has been fun and I love that Zach is into planning and giving his input.  Once we have our venue and date I know things will start to fall into place and it will be easier to plan and finalize everything.
I just want us to really enjoy and have fun in our engagement.

I'm addicted to looking at Pinterest!

 We are thinking an evening wedding and I want lots of twinkle lights
I love this sign

 I can't wait to try on wedding dresses...
I want something with lace but simple

It seems every day so far our thoughts on wedding colors change...
we really like the idea of gray pants for the guys 
so we've been leaning towards more soft, natural colors. 
But theses colors together are pretty!

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