Monday, November 12, 2012


Just a few days short of living in a tent on the farm for two months we found and moved into our very own apartment and it's a great feeling. We love our new apartment! It's an unfurnished studio, which leaves us with a lot of possibilities about the lay-out and decorating! We love the location, it's close to everything we need: shops, restaurants, grocery stores (Costco is about 5 blocks away), the beach, and my work is about a 10-15 minute scooter ride or a 25 minute bus ride. Zach's work is about a 40 minute scooter ride, I'm grateful he doesn't mind his commute. The apartment gets great breeze and it's full of natural light.  Oh, and the best part...we have an ocean view. The ocean is just straight down the road so we are able to look out our kitchen and bathroom window and see the ocean through the tops of the trees. We are loving it!

We are both so happy!

Our bathroom has lots of storage space including a full sized closet.
The only thing we don't totally like about the apartment is the shower--it's really small and the shower head faces the opening of the shower so water tends to get all over the floor if the shower curtain isn't placed properly. But we love the ocean view!

Lots of built-in shelving and storage!
Bathroom through the door on the right and the kitchen is through the door on the left.

Our huge walk-in closet. Zach is thinking about turning this into the bedroom to maximize the rest of the living space. I'm not so sure about that.

Our kitchen is full with lots of cupboards, a stove/oven, and a full sized fridge. 

More shelving, which is currently being used as our dresser for the time being.

We decided the best and fastest way for not sleeping on the floor was to get a nice air mattress until we can get a real bed, it works well for now. 

So, the last couple of days we have been getting house wares and groceries. Things are coming along and we are just so happy! 

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  1. Nice pad! You're true locals now that you have permanent digs.